Jazz, Latin & Funk @ Guitars

Simon Rainer (I)  E-Guitar, Electronics | Andreas Brunn (D) 7 strings Acoustic Guitar, Percussion


NEW: DUOMEETING  @ b-flat… Karparov & Brunn & 13 Strings met at our duo meeting.

Christian Erber, NDR (radio station): “DUOMEETING – a sound that can only arise in the cultural melting pot of a metropolis like Berlin. Created by three virtuosos on their instruments, to whom cultural boundaries and musical stereotyping are completely foreign.

With New Urban World Melodic Grooves, Brunn, Karparov and Rainer take their audience on a special kind of musical journey of discovery. Their compositions, in which Balkan rhythms mix with funk, Latin and world sounds, testify to extraordinary virtuosity and joy in playing. They never sound bulky or deafening, but always fresh, lively and sparkling. As you would expect in a pulsating melting pot.

The DUOMEETING Ensemble has just recorded a new CD under corona conditions.

The same will be released on LAIKA Records in March 2021.


13 STRINGS play independent compositions, which are used by many of the world musicians and sound Jazzy & Funky. Andreas Brunn and Simon Rainer expand their instruments with rich ideas: basses are taped and there are percussion on the 7 string acoustic guitar body lets the temperament of Latin America experience.


Simon Rainer is from Meran, in Italy and studied with Wolfgang Muthspiel in Basel and Vienna. His playing is distinguished by spherical harmonies and excessive melody lines reminiscent of the solos of saxophonists. He uses various effects devices and changes the sounds very creatively.



Andreas Brunn studied at the renowned university of music “Franz Liszt” in Weimar. He combines stylistics from jazz with the odd-numbered meters of the Balkans, as well finger and plectrum style. On the seven-string guitar he uses the additional bass string in variable moods. Andreas Brunn won the first prize of the guitar composing competition “Open Strings” by the specialist magazine AKUSTIKGitarre.






13 Strings Live “Curative energy” 2019


Fachmagazin Jazzpodium (Alexander Schmitz): “Andreas Brunn is a committed guitarist and composer. “Perpetuum five” comes as an electrified Postbop, angry, furious, jazzier. Take “East Side Gallery Story” as the story of a musician who could be right in the world, but who retranscribed in music, the burden of an uncomfortable story. “

Kieler Nachrichten: “Andreas Brunn keeps recurring memories of John McLaughlin, his playing and his compositional talents are subtle and intelligent, a jazz fugue like “Wizards’ Cube ” does not write itself.