A.Brunn – V.Karparov – S.Rainer

A.Brunn – V.Karparov – S.Rainer  New Urban World Melodic Grooves” 

Vladimir Karparov (BG) soprano & tenor saxophon | Andreas Brunn (D) 7 string acoustic guitar, Percussion | Simon Rainer (I) – E Guitar, Electronics


Christian Erber, NDR: “DUOMEETING – a sound that can only arise in the cultural melting pot of a metropolis like Berlin. Created by three virtuosos on their instruments, to whom cultural boundaries and musical stereotyping are completely foreign.

With New Urban World Melodic Grooves, Brunn, Karparov and Rainer take their audience on a musical journey of discovery of a special kind. Their compositions, in which Balkan rhythms mix with funk, Latin and world sounds, testify to extraordinary virtuosity and joy in playing . They never sound bulky or cerebral, but always fresh, lively and lively. As you would expect in a pulsating melting pot. “

Our new CD was presented on the radio at RBB Kultur! Wonderful late night jazz show from Ulf Drechsel! You can listen to it here!

Here is the review of the new CD:



E.g. in the Jazzpodium: “Neugrooves x 3 – Concentrated intimate dialogues: A two-guitar-and-a-saxophone-trio around Andreas Brunn is currently more than listening.”

in Jazzthetik: “The wonderful ballad” Sky “is one of the highlights of New Urban World Melodic Grooves, composer Rainer was inspired by the legendary album Beyond the Missouri Sky by Pat Metheny and Charlie Haden.”

and at JazzHalo: “Because of its sophisticated melodic phrasing and dialogues, this album is a real feast for the ears and balm for the soul!”

and another review in Jazzpodium 6/7 ´21: “Who if not these three musicians would be predestined to initiate» new urban world-melodic grooves «? …» Swindia «and» Tango el Cercado «come from Hans’s repertoire Hartmann. All in all, it was a memorable journey into the competition of beautiful sounds. ” (Raine Bratfish)

Our new CD was also presented at DRadio Kultur. Here to listen. (only in german)

Likewise with HR2 : HR2 – An den Rändern des Jazz

The CD can be ordered with a dedication for 15 €. Please order by e-mail: info@akustik-art-kontakt.de

Pay download of the CD via the Bandcamp portal.



Swindia (composed by Hans Hartmann)


Sky (composed by Simon Rainer)


Kontrast (composed by Andreas Brunn)


We received funding from the Berlin Senate for our CD project Karparov & Brunn meets 13 Strings. Production was supposed to take place in April and had to be postponed to mid-June due to the corona. But there were no flights yet, so that the Italian guitarist Simon Rainer, who lives in Merano (student of Wolfgang Muthspiel), could not take part directly. So Vlado Karparov and I recorded everything as a duo and sent all files to Italy so that Simon could complete our recordings. Then everything was put together and our new CD is finished despite Corona !!! The same was published on February 12th, 2021

LAIKA Records.