Balkanfolk & World Jazz

Viktoria Lasaroff (Bulgaria) – Voice, Accordion, Percussion |Andreas Brunn (Germany) – 7 String Acoustic Guitar |Horst Nonnenmacher  (Germany) – Double Bass.

The international ensemble with Bulgarian singer Viktoria Lasaroff that beautifully and innovatively blends balkanfolk and world-jazz .


BalkaNova played with the bulgarian star Stoyan Yankoulov at the BERLIN BALKAN SLAM Festival in april 2010. The trio has recorded a CD with Stoyan Yankoulov as guest. It was released in September 2012. The following recordings were pre-editions of the new BalkaNova album.



Published the 13th of november 2011 at Modernícolas (leisure and culture agenda of Malaga)

BALKANOVA, THE VOICE OF THE BALKANS … The Echegaray theater fills up with music. What is it? Is it jazz or opera? I am not sure about the answer and, as I can see on people´s face around me, they don´t know it neither.

Victoria Lasaroff who´s standing on the stage, is on a soprano´s recital. How can be this possible? That woman had a deep voice few minutes ago…How does she manage it? A voice which fills up your eyes with tears, which doesn´t allow you to move anymore, which makes you asking for an other song. The Balkanova trio, with Horst Nonnenmacher at the double-bass and Andreas Brunn at the seven string acoustic guitar give us histories and popular legends of the Balkans who take shape under beautiful songs with an unique way, perfectly done without any mistakes.

It´s obvious that I wasn´t the only person in trance. With the emotion of the moment, some members of the audience intoned the lyrics, as the man sitting next to me who being beside himelf with emotion started singing louder and louder until his wife stopped him. However, nobody censured him even if we could perfectly hear him; we couldn´t turn a blind eye to so much talent and strenght. Without no doubt we could easily say that the audience had already known the magic of the Balkan band and if people didn´t la-la-la the song, they kept the rhythm with their foot. We were all of us lost in thought, with shining eyes and a big smile, being infected by Viktoria´s serenity on stage, by Andreas´ facility to play his seven strings spectacular guitar and by the low sounds which came from Horst´s double-bass. It was lovely to be there that night, sharing table and beer with strangers who knew what you were feeling at that special moment.

It was a night of anecdote and jazz, of stories, legends and magic. One hour to enjoy one of the best european jazz´s voice, to appreciate genuine professionals who could make a name offering a particular and native product instead of commerializing itself and lost its essence. Yesterday, this Balkan trio achieved to make us smiling with the heart. Lily Sánchez

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