Urban Worldjazz on 19 Strings | Berlin . Zürich | Die 19 Saiten Tour!

Hans Hartmann (Schweiz) chapman stick | Andreas Brunn (Deutschland) 7 string acoustic guitar

Here you can see a video of one of our duo´s HARTMANN & BRUNN last concerts.
Many thanks to Iven Hausmann of Jazz Units and Ulf Drechsel of RBB.
Hans Hartmann is very ill and unfortunately he can´t play the chapmanstick any further.




HARTMANN & BRUNN are this year’s winner of the Studiopreis Jazz, awarded by Berliner Kultursenat. Their new CD “19 Strings” has just been released by LAIKA Records.  



Here you can listen the CD. Enjoy 🙂

The combination of the 12-stringed Chapman Stick, capable of playing two melodic lines simultaneously, and the 7-stringed guitar results in a unique sound.  Hans Hartmann has worked with the likes of Udo Lindenberg, Hannes Wader, Lydie Auvray, Chet Baker, Philly Joe Jones and Attila Zoller, and has the ability to create immense variety and colour with his music, often combining a melody with a funky bassline or a tight harmonic cluster with a bowed drone.

Andreas Brunn mixes jazz styles with uneven Balkan metrics and dextrous plectrum techniques. He adds even greater contrasts through his use of the instrument’s resonant body as percussion, and, with the supplementary string of his seven-string guitar, is able to play bass in various keys.

Brunn’s composition „Two Faces“ won the first prize at the national guitar composing competition awarded by the magazine AKUSTIK Gitarre. Amongst other things the duo have also taken part in the International Guitar Festival, “OPEN STRINGS” in Osnabrück and JAZZIT in Munich.



HARTMANN & BRUNN Live @ Jazzclub Schlot/Berlin, 2014

“Smile of Menja”




HARTMANN & BRUNN Live @ Club Bastion, Kirchheim/Teck, November 2009



“Tango el Cercado”