Karparov & Brunn – “East Side Story” (ITM)

The exclusive teamwork between a guitar and a saxophone: The artist from Berlin, Master of strings Andreas Brunn and Sofia´s saxophone master Vladimir Karparov, duo  is just as clever as geographically unorthodox enrichment of relatively sparse cover. 

Effectively meet and depart Karparov and Brunn, “Gankino Horo” with sophisticated parallel thirds and imaginative layouts in solo and accompaniment function, play in “Sofia” in another Bulgarian Traditional named Devóiko Mari Húbava ‘then more lyrical mood toward chamber. Karparov scores in his arabesques with an almost seemingly endless breath, Brunn may extend through the seventh full-bodied strings of his guitar, the sound spectrum of the light-handed transparency of the upper register in the lower regions.  

Expertly and Masterly, not degenerate into arbitrariness of eclecticism pervades comes the disc: Sun creates the German-Bulgarian duo the span of Charlie Parker’s “Yardbird Suite” and Brunn’s bluesy driving own composition “Two Faces” and then the mischievous rogue piece of “Gangsta’s Grave” almost a little radio play bebop flashed on. Nevertheless, the biggest surprise , as McLaughlin’s grandiose “Guardian Angel” eventually triggers …is in the pure beauty of Bach’s “Jesu, meine Freude”. (AKUSTIK Gitarre – 2011 Sept./Oct. – Stefan Franzen)


Vladimir Karparov & Andreas Brunn – East Side Story itm 14129

„ … Andreas Brunn is known for his guitar playing in the Band For Free Hands (CD „Transversal”). He has founded a duo with Bulgarian saxophonist Vladimir Karparov. Until now Brunn´s guitar efforts have been to connect West Europe and Balkan, through both compelling dialogues and erasing of musical boundaries. This new ten piece dialogue is neither an East nor a West Side Story, but rather encompasses both. In this respect the song  „East Side Story” is only one half of the musical range of this successful partnership.

Birds „Yardbird Suite” is a show piece for both, especially for Andreas´ superb 7-string capabilities. In „Lya­sata” the guitar is Occident, soprano sax Orient style. They start quietly, slowly joining one another and eventually lead into a powerful twosome of perfect unison. „Two faces” is a complete Jazz piece, whereas „Devóiko Mária Húbava” is a melancholic balance of the intersection between Europe and the East.

The shaping of the repetoire is perfect. Brunn plays his 7-string guitar varied and breathtakingly, especially in the bi-ethnic fantastical piece „Sofia”. Karparov the Bulgarian folk player and international established Jazz academic, also plays to eliminate the musical boundaries of both worlds. They are in end effect the parallel image of one another. There is no better duo out there. …“ (Jazzpodium Januar 2011 – Alexander Schmitz)


Enthusiastic: Andreas Brunn and Vladimir Karparov showed a brilliant fusion of jazz and balkanmusic, while the „Brücke“, event-room of the Verdi-Institut for Media and Art was extremely crowded. Saxophone player Vladimir Karparov learned Jazz in Bulgaria from scratch and now disposes of just this certain groove, over wich he can develop these inviting free scales in association to the school of Charlie Parker and others.

Furthermore, he devoted himself deeply to the folklore of his homeland. Therefore, playing the soprano saxophone with such soft reed he enables his instrument in a very convincing way to approach that oboe-like sound, being typical for the Balkans. Ornamentations do one more thing.
Brunn supports that sound by playing his 7string guitar as a percussion instrument, similar to a cajon. The 7th string becomes a huge advantage for his performance. He knows how to mix stroke- and pickingtechniques so brilliantly, that the audience can find itself embraced in the full sound of bass-lines and chord-voicings. And should he himself want to step up as soloperformer – well, then Karparov takes his tenor saxophone putting grooving bass-lines to his friend’s tunes. A night just providing a real treat in jazz! (Lippische Zeitung, 24.08.2006)