Eutália de Carvalho: – voximage0024.jpg

–  born in Varzea da Palma (Minas Gerais, Brasilien)before moving to Berlin in 1981, Eutália graduated in Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro in drama, dance and vocal training and was acting in several TV and theatre productions. 

In Berlin she was a member of some Theatre- and Dance Theatre Groups, for ex. at the “Theatermanufaktur”. She was acting in the following productions:, “der Auftrag” at the Schillerthearter,  “Schlafsaal”,  “Carmen Miranda Revuepavillon, “die Riesen vom Berge”(dir. Holger Friedrich).

Together with bassplayer Horst Nonnenmacher she founded the Band “Oloyé” and as a duo production wrote the One-Women-Musical ”Mira Miranda”.Tours in Poland, Brazil, Romania and Galas and Concerts in Germany (Chamäleon Berlin, Tempodrom am.a.. did not keep her from taking part at the Berlin Carnival of the cultures…she released 2 CDs ” O Zeppelin, Poesía Pura” and “Notícias de uma Viajante” with the band “OLOYÉ” (both united-one records), the next release is being prepared…







Katrin Wahl – guitar

working in Berlin as freelance – musician in various band- projects in the field of Jazz/Improvisation, worldmusic and brazilian music in Berlin.
intense studies of brazilian music with Guilherme Castro, Berlinregular concerts in the music – clubs of Berlin with trios qaurtets and quintets such as Macademia, Even Five, Os Batutas Virtuais. Numerous studio recordings and CD productions. Guest-musician in productions of theatre/performance und worldmusic.
Since 2005 collaboration with the brazilian singer Eutália de Carvalho and bassplayer
Horst Nonnenmacher in the “Oloye Acoustic Trio”more concerts and theatre-productions:
Tränenpalast, Berlin
Bauhaus, Dessau
Renaissance Theater, Berlin “Der verrückte Salon” (2000)
Passionskirche, Berlin
Jazz at Musikinstrumenten-Museum, Berlin
Festspielhaus, Dresden-Hellerau







Horst Nonnenmacher – bass

* classical doublebass studies 1984 – 89 HdK Berlin

* Live CD with “Improviser’s Pool” featuring Sam Rivers and Alexander von Schlippenbach (”Background for Improvisors”, FMP CD75)

* CDs and tours with Jim Black and Andreas Willers (”Cityscape”, – soundaspects a. ”Experience”, -nabel)

* CD production with Paul Bley, Yves Robert and Andreas Willers (“in the north”/ between the lines)

* 1996 a. 1998 CD-recordings and gigs in New York, Boston, Chicago with FRIGG, featuring Elliot Sharp, David Tronzo (CD “Dust Diary”, 99 records), featuring Phil Minton, Elliot Sharp (CD “Frigg Brecht”, Knitting Factory Records KFW-254

* Composer and arranger for the “Carmen Miranda Revuepavillon”, and the Cabaret-Show

” Mythology” with Yamil Borges, the Ceasar Twins a.o.
” Mira Miranda” by and witht Eutália de Carvalho

* 2003 – 2006: musical director and bandleader at “Eckart-Witzigmann-Palazzo” (a.a. with Yamil Borges, Mack Goldbury),

* Concerts and tours: USA, Syria, Romania, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Greece, Australia, UK,…

* Some FESTIVALS: Jazzfest Berlin (’90 u. ‘98) Moers (’95) Vilshofen (’96)
Jazz across the border Berlin (’92-’95 u.a. with Aki Takase, ‘99 with “Interzone” – romanian – bulgarian-polish-german Jazzproject with Mircea Tiberian)
Bucharest, Sibiu (1997 – 2000)

* Co-Founder of the band “ElektrikBossa” (Lucerne Festival) with Kriz Mental and Eutália de Carvalho

* ”Oloyé”, Afrobrazilian band mit Eutália de Carvalho (CD “O ZEPPELIN – POESÍA PURA”, Eutália de Carvalho & OLOYÉ,”NOTÍCIAS DE UMA VIAJANTE”, both United-One Records)

* numerous radio- and TV-live- recordings, a.a. with Nena

* released numerous CDs, f.ex. with Association Urbanétique, Frigg, Andreas Willers, Cathrin Pfeifer, Interzone, Oloyé, Vladimir Karparov Quartett

* teaching at the LMA Berlin and at the musicschools of Musikschule Berlin Charlottenburg – Wilmersdorf and Neukoelln