Nordic Appeal
Finland – Germany |  Finish – Traditional – Jazz
Charlotta Hagfors, vocals (FIN)  | Miriam Wieczorek, flute (D) | Vesa Norilo, cello (FIN) Andreas Brunn, 7 string acoustic guitar, perc. (D)

Nordic Appeal are treating Finnish folklore with a lot of respect and are putting it into a new context with the inclusion of Jazz. The quartet prefers a natural acoustic sound and are therefore not using any electronics.

They create soundscapes, unique improvisations and fusion-style Jazz. At the same time, they are diving into the folkloristic variety of northern Europe, tastefully combining traditional with modern music.

2010 played Nordic Appeal in Austria at the Festival REGIONALE 10.

The idea of Nordic Appeal was born when Charlotta Hagfors and Andreas Brunn were working together on the “Young Music Caravan Europe” in 2004 and 2007. Andreas Brunn was a co-initiator and the creative director and, together with Charlotta Hagfors, he was concepting an exciting new interpretation of Northern European Folk Music.

With this EU funded project they toured over 15.000 km all over Europe and played a number of prestigious festivals. In 2007, the “Caravan” toured through Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia and Austria. A show in Serbia was even broadcasted live on national television. (

In 2008, Andreas Brunn was traveling to Finland with a scholarship given by the Berlin Senate of Culture. During these study visits, he and Charlotta Hagfors met again and were recording trio arrangements with the finnish Cellist Vesa Norlio, who studied Cello and Folk Music at the Sibelius Academy. Together they decided to start a band project.

In the Summer of 2009, the band became a quartet. The band purposely does not play with a drummer. They are using their own instruments and voices to create percussive sounds instead.

Through intensive work they managed to create a spheric sound, which combines several musical traditions. Ancient Finnish folk songs are mixed with urban sounds. The musicians are improvising imaginatively, while retaining the soul of old traditions.