Young musicians are touring Europe with a planned program which includes European folklore and popular music as well as jazz. Whether it’s a Danish folk song “dressed in jazz garb“ or a jazz mix made from a Balkan folk dance song, the young musicians play the music in sensual ways, using the musical roots of Europe.
A journey into the diversity of traditional and modern folklore with unconventional, playful improvisation and groovy jazz. This garland of multiethnic variety is made up of cultural traditions that each of the musicians brings along. A successful fusion of traditional elements and popular music comes into being and gives us new insight into foreign cultures and an idea of intercultural artistic work. These different musical influences are brought out with lightness and joy that overcome borders. EUROPE is growing together, and the YOUNG MUSIC CARAVAN supplies the soundtrack. The project aims at providing collective knowledge about the musical culture of both the “old” and the “new” EU countries, thereby creating a bond between young and culturally curious Europeans.

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One fundamental idea behind the Caravan’s concept is for the participants to bring different musical influences from their home countries into the project. With this in mind, the young musicians contribute with traditional music, their own ideas and particular instrumental equipment. By an unrestrictive concept allowing a constant development of new ideas during the creative process, a mutual, contemporary and refreshing sound is produced, which comprises elements of both european and international folklore, of popular music as well as jazz.

In the summer 2007, young musicians coming from eleven countries, from Finland to Bulgaria, went on tour during 5 weeks through eastern Europe. They were travelling 7,700km and performed 25 concerts at some renowned Festivals. (Among others, the Serbian National TV broadcasted the CARAVAN-concert at Nisville Jazzfestival, Niš, Serbia).
The tour went through Germany, Poland, Czech Republic, Slowakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Slowenia and Austria. Some of the Festivals where we played: the Summer Jazz Festival Krakow(Poland), Bratislava Summer Cultural Festival (Slowakia), Bansko Jazz Festival (Bulgaria) and the Jazzfest Saalfelden (Austria).
Because of the great success of the tour we decided to carry on with a smaller tour in July 2008. All recent news at: