Caravan is going through Europe – The borders are collapsing on a multinational music-camp.

“The most ‘border breaking’ performances on this year’s Pori jazz festival were experienced on Tuesday and Wednesday on “jazz street”.
Both the borders in music and between nations were breaking down, when the young music caravan 2004 performed at the jazz street. The basis for this band has been established at a music-camp in Berlin last year, in which young musicians from all over Europe came together. The participants themselves determined on what combination of musical styles they would work.  All concurring traditions are combined in promising and fruitful ways. As for example, a tango with Finnish and Hungarian influences comes into being or a wedding song from Kosovo finds itself on top of a jazz groove …
The participants of the project “Young music caravan” believe in the communicative power of music. The Young Music Caravan consists of 15 young musicians with 10 different nationalities. Their rhythmical firework and mix of musical styles turned many heads in the audience.”
Mikko I. Elo (07/22/04, Finnish Newspaper UUSI AIKA)

Caravan in the (Chata) Morgan

“Coming from 12 different European countries, the young musicians are playing on various instruments – popular and traditional instruments as well as less known ones. Their roots are as international as their music: Hungarian, Greek; Scandinavian, French and even Bulgarian traditions find their way into the project.
The tour started in Rudolstadt with several concerts on the biggest German Folk festival. The next stop should be the “Chata Morgan” in Jastrowice, a farm that has it’s focus on agricultural tourism.
In the course of their tour, the Music Caravan will master 7000 km and play on 19 European Festivals in only one month. Among others, the caravan will play at the jazz festival PORI in Finland and at a Folk festival in Estonia, where they will meet a project similar to the Music Caravan.
The concert in Jastrowice had is own and special atmosphere. The composition and number of the orchestra was changing as other musicians joined the caravan spontaneously from time to time – like Ewa Rychlicka from the village Grudmo playing rhythmically on drums, or Darek Chajutin singing and also playing the transverse flute.
The next morning the Music Caravan drove on to Zabkowice Sl., where they went on stage at a folk festival this Saturday.”
(07/08/2004, Polish Newspaper)