Fachmagazin Jazzpodium (from Alexander Schmitz): “Andreas Brunn é un chitarrista e compositore dedicato, un attivo ein aktiver Brückenbauer … man nehme “East Side Gallery Story” als die Story eines Musikers, welcher sich prima in der Welt zurechtfinden könnte, stattdessen aber die Lasten (zeit)historischer Aufarbeitung und Verantwortung klaglos zu Musik macht, die unbequem sein muss.”

Kieler Nachrichten: “The Fantastic Four in the Balkans noise“ … The exceptional saxophonist Karparov understands it in a unique way to combine the traditional, sometimes oriental-style way of playing his home with innovative jazz technique. Band leader Andreas Brunn, alternately armed with 7-string acoustic guitar and electric guitar, calling repeatedly awake memories of John McLaughlin. His play and his talent for composition have a profound and intelligent wit; a Jazz fugue like “Wizards‘ Cube” finally writes not of itself. …”

Dietmar Ebert (Jena): “So many blessed and best visions I have rarely seen how after the celebrated entrance of Alaa Zouitens Ensemble.”

Anis Hajjam (Telquel – Casablanca): “The lutenist Alaa Zouiten is one of the gifted of his generation. How the supporter of the reflected musical inclusion of many influences, he brings with himself an openness, how it want usually to see.”

Aziz Sehmaoui (Paris): “Alaa Zouiten is an harder worker, a great musician. An expert how we rarely meet. His love is to speak and scream with the Oud. He plays with great passion.“