Talking strings

Talking Strings – Oud meets 7 string Guitar & Drums

Urban Oriental Jazz | Rabat . Kairo . Berlin

Alaa Zouiten (MAR) – Oud (arabische Laute) | Andreas Brunn (D) 7-String Acoustic Guitar| Muhammad Ra´fat (EGY) – Percussion, Darbuka, Drums

In 2014, the ensemble For Free Hands performed at the Jazz au Chellah festival in Rabat, Morocco and we had a wonderful musical encounter between Alaa Zouiten and Andreas Brunn. We decided to create a joinable ensemble, creating the Talking Strings with the involvement of the Egyptian drummer Muhammad Ra’fat. The premiere concert took place on 07.03.18 within the concert series Jazzlights @ Glühlampe.

Here is a link to the concert photos!

Common mp3 and videos of the concert are in preparation.